Nothern Lights

Nothern Lights

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When the sky is clear, the night cold and the white lights dance, stop, raise your hands to Sky, close your eyes and listen. The shimmering, humming and sizzling of northern lights can be heard. They smell sweet and crisp.

The People say when you see the northern lights the gods are at war or a time of turbulence is approaching. The People say that they are gods dancing. The People say it is the Dead playing football with a skull. The People say they are the drapes between Earth and Upper Sky with a narrow entrance which only the raven and a strong shaman can pass through. The People say it is a shaman drumming and dancing so powerfully that colourful sparks fly from the snow. The People say it is the shaman making the Sampo. Some people say it is the time of magic when one can create, restore, and repair illnesses and relationships.

They are a sign to be aware, walk carefully and love hard with all senses open during their dance of beauty and power. This soap is created with the smell of the Northern Lights and the white lights in mind. Refreshing and sweet for all skin and hair types.

Ingredients: organic rapeseed oil*, organic coconut oil, water*, lye, organic honey*, organic beeswax*, organic rosemary-, marjoram-, peppermint essential oils. *Grown/made in North Karelia, Finland.

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