Heart-shaped dry brush, Horse hair

Heart-shaped dry brush, Horse hair

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This beautiful heart-shaped brush is especially well suited for dry brushing but it can also be used as a shower or sauna brush. The brushes are made of Finnish common alder that has been treated with natural oil.

The brush is shaped to fit perfectly in your hand.

These handmade dry brushes are either made of Tampico fiber (white, harder) or horsehair (black, soft).

Made in Finland.

Exfoliating skin with a dry brush

Use rotating moves when you brush, and brush firmly but not so that it hurts. Start with the bottoms of your feet and work your way up the legs towards the heart with rotating moves. Next, brush your hands starting from the fingers along your hands towards the heart. Brush the rest of the body last.

After brushing, your skin will feel lightly hot and prickly.

You should reserve 5 to 10 minutes for brushing every morning and evening.
It is good to shower after brushing so that all the dead skin cells are washed away from the skin.

Brushes made of natural fibres are best for dry brushing.

Note: Start dry brushing gently so that you don’t put too much pressure on your skin. Brushing should feel pleasant.

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