Propolis Extract, 10 ml Nature's Ancient Antibiotic

Propolis Extract, 10 ml Nature's Ancient Antibiotic

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Propolis extract has traditionally been used internally or externally as it is or diluted with water.

Use this extract externally undiluted and put a few drops on the wanted area to treat the following:
  • labial herpes, pimples
  • warts, corns: put a few drops on the absorbent pad of a plaster and cover the wart or corn with the plaster. Repeat the treatment if necessary.
  • wounds, rashes, burns
  • use as a liquid plaster etc.
Use this extract internally as it is or 3-10 drops diluted with water (0.5 dl) or absorbed into a sugar cube multiple times per day for the following purposes.
  • disinfection of mouth and throat
  • toothache, put a few drops on a cotton bud and place the but on the tooth
  • treatment for influenza
  • sore throat or inflammation of the gums, few drops as it is or diluted with water daily
  • treatment for aphthae, swab on the wanted areas diluted or undiluted
  • to balance the bowel movements, to prevent digestive problems
  • to speed up the healing of a gastric ulcer, 20 drops diluted with water once a day
  • treatment for cystitis
Ingredients: Ethanol 84.4%, Propolis 8% and Aqua 7.6%.
20 drops contain 80 mg of propolis.

Please note: Propolis contains pollen and plant resins and can therefore cause allergic symptoms for people allergic to pollen or resin.

Avoid getting propolis in your eyes!

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