Aah Man

Aah Man

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What is a Man? Is he someone with three legs or family jewels? Or testosterone? Or can’t give birth? He is Human! Man is Father, Pop, Old Man, Grandpa, boy, bachelor, man of all men, man’s man, woman’s man, hard-headed, hunter, fisher, techno, machinist, lumberman, plumber, invalid, chauffeur, couch potato, musician, sportsman, male nurse. So many and all so very different and very special and close to the heart. Oh what a Man!

Saponified ingredients: rapeseed oil*, water*, coconut fat, lye, castor bean oil, essential oils of cedar, coriander, vetiver, cypress, bay leaf and ground organic vanilla beans. *Grown/made in North Karelia or Finland.

INCI: brassica napus*, aqua*, cocos nucifera**, sodium hydroxide, ricinus communis, juniperus virginiana, coriandrum sativum, vetiveria zizanoides, laurus, cupressus sempervirens, bay folium, vanilla planifolia**, limonene¹, linalool¹, geraniol¹. *Finnish source. **Certified organic source. ¹Naturally occurring in essential oil.

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