Sweet Peat and Rosmary

Sweet Peat and Rosmary

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Tradition tells that there is a creature living in swamp. In Finland he is called “hiisi”, and is actually quite nice, just wants company all the time. Suopursu -Labrador tea- is great for keeping moths and other bugs away from clothes. Delicious cloudberries and gorgeous therapeutic peat grow in swamps. The peat is for spreading all over your body in sauna for a while to get the toxins out. This soap contains lots of peat and honey which is great for all skin and scalp types.

Saponified ingredients: rapeseed oil*, water*, organic coconut oil, lye, cosmetic grade peat*, honey*, castor bean oil, rosemary essential oil, beeswax*. Grown/made in North Karelia or Finland.

INCI: brassica napus*, aqua*, cocos nucifera**, sodium hydoxide, cosmetic gradepeat*, mel*, ricinus communis, rosmarinus officinalis (limonene, linalool), cera flava*. *Finnish source. **Certified organic source

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