Magic of The Pine Tree

Magic of The Pine Tree

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Who could have imagined, that with heating treestumps a thick, sticky substance called tar could be produced? Only the Spirit of the Pine Tree could have told people that! Tar has been commonly used to tend to inner and outer hurts and troubles of the body, and to preserve boats, houses and household furniture. When you find an old pine with thick, scaly bark, you’ve found a spirit tree. It’s roots are deep inside Mother Earth and it’s branches reach up to heavens.

Saponified ingredients: rapeseed oil*, water*, organic coconut fat, lye, pine bark extract*, pine stump tar*, castor bean oil. *Grown/made in North-Karelia or Finland.

INCI: brassica napus*, aqua*, cocos nucifera**, sodium hydroxide, pinus pix (bark) extract*, pinus pix*, ricinus communis. *Finnish source. **Certified organic source.

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