Mint Soap Menninkäinen

Mint Soap Menninkäinen

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Mint refreshes and cleanses the senses. In North-Karelia mint is grown in many gardens. The little gnomes of the woods enjoy mint tea and mint baths, to keep them lively and mischievous. If you find yourself tripping on your path, it’s probably of the gnomes doing.

Saponified Ingredients: rapeseed oil*, organic coconut oil, water*, lye, castor bean oil, organic peppermint oil*, peppermint leaves*. *Grown/made in North Karelia or Finland.

INCI: brassica napus*, cocos nucifera**, aqua*, sodium hydroxide, ricinus communis, mentha peperita**, folia menthae piperita**, ¹limonene, ¹ linalool, ¹eugenol. *Finnish source. **Certified organic source. ¹Naturally occurring in essential oil.

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