Skin Care Oil for Horses 250 ml

Skin Care Oil for Horses 250 ml

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This oil is specifically designed for the skin care of horses but it is also suitable for other hairy domestic animals.

One of my customers told me that they had received amazing treatment results with this skin care oil when they had used it on a pony that suffered from severe summer eczema. The pony had rubbed away all the hair from its mane and tail because of the rash. The owners had tried everything but nothing had worked until they tried Nature’s Treasure Chest’s skin care oil for horses. My customer warmly recommends this product.

This is a user-friendly oil. It is easy to spread, it is not sticky and it absorbs well.

This oil has also been useful in treating hoofs and cracked heels (pastern dermatitis).

It soothes itching skin and protects sensitive skin from parasites.

Ingredients: Brassica rapa seed extract, Pinus sylvestris wood tar, Pinus sylvestris tar oil

Manufacturer: I. Kietäväinen, Nurmes

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