Across the ages, people have discovered ingredients from the wilderness which have the power to heal and cure. Indigenous tribes are still at the very source of nature itself, and their profound knowledge of these precious ingredients has been passed down to the following generations. Also in Finland, the use of these organic ingredients was selfevident in the past.

However, this invaluable ancient knowledge has been in danger of disappearing as modern day people have been alienated from the true essence of themselves and that of nature. Many of us have forgotten or just do not know the boundless treasures nature has to offer us.

In the unspoilt wilderness of Finland, it is still possible to find these invaluable natural treasures. E.g. in Lapland and Eastern parts of Finland, ancient skills in making healthy creams and lotions have been handed down and preserved through generations.

Natural products are especially effective in curing a vast variety of ailments, and many medicines used by the medical industry originate from nature. Western medicine is still quite critical of the healing power of natural products. Progress has and is being made, as for example, ointment made from wood resin is now finally being sold in chemists to treat leg and bed sores. Resin is one of nature´s most effective healing products.

Natural products help us with a vast variety of ailments – if we just allow them to do so. Unfortunately, if you have suffered for years from some ailment, probably no natural product will have the power to give immediate relief. However, patience and monitoring of one´s own healing can result in unbelievably good results.