Nature´s Treasure Chest is able to exclusively introduce you to the type of natural products that cannot even be found in the best stocked natural health products’ shops. The products’ manufacturers are small-scale Finnish artisans who feel it is a matter of honour to make high-class natural products.

The products are made by hand, in small batches, from carefully selected natural ingredients. The production methods are very precise and to the highest standards, ensuring that the active ingredients are preserved in the finished product.

In Finland, we are able to produce natural products of the highest quality. We do not need to look to foreign shores for natural products, as by buying these products crafted by Finnish artisans, we can help to preserve the wisdom and knowledge that is our ancestral heritage. They are not medicines, but many people have received help and relief to their ailments and conditions from these products.

The products bear the stamp of craftsmanship and exclusivity. Each soap, for instance, is a unique product that could be compared to an original work of art.
The products do not contain any artificial preservatives, cleansers, colours or perfumes. They also do not harm the body’s system and they have not been tested on animals.

The natural products are supplementary, and a doctor should be consulted in cases of any illness or disease. We do not recommend that our clients discontinue any medicine prescribed to them by a doctor.