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Welcome to the website of Nature´s Treasure Chest / Luonnon Aarreaitta.

Nature´s Treasure Chest was establised to manufacture and market high class natural health products which cannot be found even in the best stocked natural health products’shops. Our manufacturers are small-scale but experienced Finnish artisans who feel it is a matter of honour to produce high-quality natural products.

We sell products which my private and business associates have tested. This way we have personal experience of the effects of these products. Our sincere and rewarding aim is to help our customers to find effective natural ways to improve their health and by that means the quality of their lives.
Nature’s Treasure Chest complies with the principles of fair trade. When products are purchased straight from the manufacturers without intermediaries, both customers and manufacturers benefit from it.

High-quality raw materials and true knowledge of their origin and precise production methods ensure excellent products.
We would be more than happy to hear from our customers about the results of using our excellent natural products.

With best regards,

Riikka Levonen

More information / Sales:
Tel. +358 503 742 743
P.S. Nature’s Treasure Chest’s products are so good that they might cause addiction. 