Sara Confalonieri‎, UK by Facebook
May 16,2016·

We discovered Luonnon Aarreaitta/Nature´s Tresure Chest during a winter market (Christmat Market at Senate Square) in Helsinki, since then we are big fans of their natural handcrafted products. We regularly use the beeswax cream, perfect for dry skin and with a fantastic natural scent, and the spruce resin cream, which quickly heals little abrasions and makes a perfect traveller all-in-one survival kit. We are also very happy to support Finnish artisans. Kiitos Riikka!

Deborah Mussafia‎, Frace by Facebook
March 7,2016 ·

Hi, I’m French customer since now 1 year and wanted to say that your products are amazing! I have been using spruce resin shampoo which helps really much for dry skin! And the beeswax moisturizer is making my skin so beautiful and not grassy! I highly recommend those natural products which last really long,it worth to buy it!