Natural beauty by dry brushing

Before all the women’s magazines were filled with adverts about anti-cellulite creams, women used to brush their skin smooth and beautiful with dry brushes.
Dry brushing is still a good and simple way of taking care of our skin.

We often forget what an important organ our skin is. As much as a third of all the impurities in our bodies exits through our skin.

Dry brushing invigorates your skin and makes it glow. Regular dry brushing speeds up the renewal of skin cells and, therefore, prevents skin from ageing prematurely. Brushing increases blood flow and improves metabolism. It even affects the lymphatic system. Long-term brushing may distribute cellulite more evenly or even reduce it.

Dry brushing is an effective way of keeping your skin healthy.
You do not need to use any exfoliants.

You should be patient with the results of dry brushing. It can take several weeks before you can see any visible changes in your skin.

You get the best results if you combine dry brushing with healthy living.