Chaga mushroom is called the King of Herbs in China and it has been used there for over 2000 years for treating many different ailments. For example, hunters have used chaga mushroom in Finland because they knew that it fights against fatigue and refreshes.

The chaga mushroom grows on birch and other broad-leaved trees and absorbs nutrients from the tree. It stores in itself a wide array of useful ingredients that have been researched all around the world, for example, in Russia, China, Japan and Korea.

The chaga mushroom contains plenty of antioxidants that are conducive to good health. Kirsti Kahlos, a researher and a doctorate in the University of Helsinki, has done her doctoral thesis about the chaga mushroom’s health effects. The research showed that the chaga mushroom can cure women’s breast cancer.

In folk medicine, the chaga mushroom has been found to improve the immune system, to refresh and to prevent different inflammations. In Russia and in Asia, chaga mushroom is thought to be a potent medicinal mushroom that is used to treat and prevent various cancers. In Siberia, chaga extract tea has been used for treating gastric ulcers and gastritis. It has also been used to strenghten the cardiac functions.

In Japan, the chaga mushroom has become a very popular ingredient among the skin care companies, and they are starting to value the medical properties of chaga in treating skin problems and in regenerating the skin.

One of my customers told me that the chaga mushroom had helped them with Crohn disease.

Chaga mushroom was chosen as the medicinal plant of the year in 2013. It is a very interesting nature’s product which you should try.

We sell chaga mushrooms that have been picked in Eastern Finland. You can use it, for example, to make tea.
You can find more information about the wonderful effects of the chaga mushroom by Googling it.

We do not sell the chaga mushroom as a medicine.