The lovely tar and peat shampoos and the swamp water -based conditioner:

These natural shampoos cherish and treat the skin and, for example, many people suffering from psoriasis have found that these shampoos have helped with their skin problems.

The peat shampoos are swamp water –based natural products. The dark peat shampoo has more active and organic ingredients than the light peat shampoo. They are both suitable for all hair types but it is recommended to use the light peat shampoo for bleached hair.

The rose-scented swamp water -based conditioner is applied to moist hair and is not rinsed out.

The tar shampoo prevents the formation of dandruff and treats the scalp when used continuously for a longer period.

The peat and tar shampoos are also perfectly suitable for washing the whole body.

Tar shampoo 250 ml


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