The ancient Pharaohs in Egypt already used resin as a remedy.

Resin protects damaged trees against bacteria and fungi. The ancient people in Finland understood the healing powers of resin centuries ago and made spruce resin ointment for treating wounds, abscesses, burns and almost all other ailments.

The substances in resin have been used in Finnish folk medicine for thousands of years, and spruce resin ointment has been one of the most important products.

Arno Sipponen, who has a licentiate in medicine in the University of Helsinki, has studied the benefits of resin in his doctoral thesis. He has found spruce resin to be a real medical elixir.

Nowadays, spruce resin ointment is highly valued in Finland and it is used in progressive hospitals and you can buy it from pharmacies.

Spruce Resin Ointment 55 ml


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